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How does ALPHA work?

What is ALPHA?

Alpha is a series of conversations that explore life and faith in a non judgmental and open environment.  It's a place where community is formed and an opportunity opens to explore life's question.  Alpha is run online or in person.  We will run Alpha from October until December.

Join us.

How does ALPHA work?

What is ALPHA?

Who is ALPHA for?

Alpha Online runs from 8-11 weeks, beginning Oct - Dec, and includes a retreat time away. Each session consists of time together, talks, and discussions. You'll get to explore questions of life. You will be able to share thoughts, ask questions, and explore the basics of Christianity- all from the comfort of your home or in person with others. 

Alpha is for anyone.

Alpha is designed to encourage conversation about spirituality and the foundations of the Christian faith in a friendly, non-judgmental and informal environment.

No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.


Who is ALPHA for?

Do you want to come to a House Party?

Not quite sure you’re ready to join the ALPHA Experience?  Consider participating in an ALPHA House Party!  A House Party is a sampler experience to highlight the basics of ALPHA.  You can schedule house parties anytime you choose, as well as invite whoever you would like!

House parties can be virtual or in person.

  Click below to sign up!

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I want to attend a House Party

I want to attend the ALPHA Experience

When is the next ALPHA session?

The next sessions of ALPHA will run from Oct - Dec. House parties will be hosted on Thursdays - Saturdays but people will be able to schedule house parties with their group if these days do not work.  Please sign up to receive log in details.

Want to have a House Party first?


We are excited to experience Alpha with you, but if you want the House Party experience first to see what we do in Alpha. Sign up here:


For questions, email

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